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Créme de Menthe


8 June
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Yo! This would be xxdoriangray's icon journal~!

~ Credit me when you're using my icons. Plain and simple.
~ Never, EVER, claim that something I've made is your own. When you use an icon without crediting a person in the icon comments or in your userinfo, it gives the impression that the unnamed icon belongs to you. If I made it, it doesn't.
~ Comment when you're taking an icon, please! I would love to know what you like, what I can improve on and what I should do more of.
~ Feel free to request away on any post you desire! However, please don't be upset if it takes me a while to get around to your icon(s). It doesn't mean I don't love you, it probably means that my icon-making list has gotten rather long.

Other than that, enjoy!


Dexter Caps are from: the_grynne
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